Dog Pancreas Infection

The exocrine dog pancreas diseases are classified as "acute pancreatitis", "pancreatic insufficiency" and "pancreatic neoplasias". They're all to be looked out for. In "acute pancreatitis", the dog feels pain in the outer part of the abdomen, adopting a position with his sternum leaning on the floor, arching his torso and raising his behind. Sometimes there is anorexia, depression, dehydration, vomits and diarrhea. The temperature and go up and the dog feels sick. In "chronic inflammation ", thirst and polyuria can be accompanied by the swelling of the abdomen and foul, greasy depositions. The state of the animal is not healthy.

In "pancreatic atrophy", there is a lot of appetite, and the dog has a big abdomen and greasy depositions. The dog's hair is dry and dandruffy and you can hear noises in the intestines. In spite of eating well, the dog is thin and unhealthy.

The symptoms that a dog with "pancreatic insufficiency" presents are similar in a certain way to the ones of degenerative pancreatic atrophy, chronic pancreatitis and hypoplasia. Pancreatic tumors (although very rare in dogs), are extremely maligned as they can immediately produce metastasis. Faced with a suspicious symptom, head for the veterinarian.

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