Dog Salivating Glands

The afflictions of the sanitary glands can be due to penetrating injuries or foreign objects. The gland swells up and there is a pus-infected flow that escapes down the saliva conduct into the mouth; or by a fistula (an abnormal passage leading from a suppurating cavity to the body surface) to the exterior, making the dog feel a lot of pain when he opens his mouth. Salivary "Mucocells" are painless bulges that are full of liquid and are under the tongue, in between the jaws and sometimes in the pharynx as a result of the filtration of saliva of the gland or conduct.

"Neoplasias" are generally benign and manifest themselves as mouth warts, developing in the mouth cavity, pharynx or tongue. "Papillomas" can make chewing tough. Generally, the most affected is the gingival tissue, and the repercussions of malign neoplasias in the mouth are very high. Faced with any wart or is range sign in the mouth, you must immediately consult the veterinarian.

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