Dog Water intake

The lack of water in the organism is the cause of many pathological problems as water constitutes two thirds of the body weight. Water and electrolytes enter and abandon the body by the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the skin and the lungs. The entrance and exit are balanced and regulated by hypothalamus (A basal part of the diencephalons governing autonomic nervous system) centers which controlled the sensation of thirst and desire to drink. Dogs regulate that intake according to the amount of humidity there is in their food; therefore, there is a voluntary control and they only drink when they reach a certain degree of dehydration and generally never when they are extremely tired and when they are out of strength, intelligently waiting to balance their level of water.

Generally, disorders are due to two or three causes:

  1. When the body's reserve of water runs out, which happens when the intake of water is insufficient and the dog continues to lose water,
  2. When, due to a disease, the dog can not drink or swallow, which is the case of obstruction of the esophagus, jaw fracture or tetanus infection.
  3. Due to the running out of water and electrolytes; when the dog vomits continuously or has uncontrollable diarrhea, or when open wounds or important burns "sweat"; or when there are a lot of pleural or peritoneal effusions.

The first symptom of dehydration is the loss of elasticity and flexibility of the skin. The sinking of the eyes around the orbits and a shorter time of capillary refill. The animal's limbs are cold and with a fast and weak pulse, which can be an indication of a shock, which, if related to dehydration, suggests a very big deficit of body liquid. Complications can be serious. You must go to the vet. Never leave your dog without water, nor try to give him water when you find it convenient. He must have water 24 hours a day and he must decide when he wants to drink.

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