Fainting Dog

Lay the fainted dog down with his head lower than the rest of his body. Make sure that the respiratory passages are clear, remove the collar and leash and apply cold wet cloths on the head and face. Once recuperated, give him hot coffee or tea to drink. If it lasts more than 20 seconds, call the vet urgently. Meanwhile you wait, keep the animal warm (but not too much). If the faint is brief, the animal can tumble and or fall over because of his weakness, but if it's longer than 5 seconds, there can be convulsions, rigidity and dilatation of the pupils. Recuperation of a short faint is quick and complete, but if there are nervous manifestations, recuperation may be confused and prolonged. Fainting can be as a consequence of extreme fatigue, hunger, bad ventilation; or maybe due to the existence of an organic cardiac disease or valvular injuries. Any fainting should lead the owner to seek advice from the veterinarian. IT IS A MUST!!!

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