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Origin and Evolution of cat breeding: No one really knows when or how first cats appeared on Earth. However, most researchers agree that the most probable ancestor was an animal that lived 40 or 50 million years ago called miacis. It is believed miacis is the common ancestor to all existing carnivores, including dogs and cats, and apparently, they have existed millions of years before dogs. It is also probable the first two type of cats appeared 20 million years ago in the Oligocene era.

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The first cat species to appear was the holophoneus and the second one dimictis., the latter has eventually been related to present days cat species. Dimictis was smaller, faster, more agile and much more intelligent than the holophoneus, and it is the ancestor of nearly 40 of currently known cat species.

Continuing with domestic cats evolution, it is considered that the short-hair races come from (derive) the African wild cat (felis lybyca), and that the Asian wild cat (felis manul) is the ancestor of long-hair races. Naturally, and in spite of time, domestic cats have kept their size, weight, instincts, type of cloak (stained, striped or single colored) besides some other features of their above mentioned ancestors.

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