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Domestic cats:They are small, essentially carnivorous animals (Felis catus) that belong to the Feline family. Very popular as domestic animals and esteemed as a mice and rat hunter. As almost all the members of the feline family, domestic cats have retractable nails, good hearing and smelling and a notable night vision and a compact, muscular and very flexible body. They posses an excellent memory and show a considerable attitude to learn through observation and experience. The natural time estimated of life of a domestic cat is of 15 years.

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When were they cats: Most scientists consider that the variety of short-haired domestic cats derive from the Felis Lybica cat, a kind of wild African cat domesticated by the former Egyptians, probably already from the 2500b.c., and transported by the knights of the crusades to Europe, where they were mixed with smaller wild autochthonous cats. The long-haired breeds could descend from the wild Asian cat (Felis Manul). Across centuries, cats have practically maintained the same size, with an average weigh of 8 pounds completing their growth and have preserved their instinct for solitary hunt. Before getting a cat... If you want to have a cat as a pet, you must be completely sure that you are going to like it. This will be the guarantee to be able to offer them the best of cares. For it, before taking it home with you, consider the following domestic catlike characteristics:

It is more independent. It has a very different character from a dog.

Though in general, it needs less care than a dog, it is necessary that you dedicate enough time to provide them with appropriate conditions for their well-being. Their independence does not mean less responsibility on your part.

They are an excellent companion.

To maintain them implies certain expenses which you have to be ready for like, nutrition, consults to the veterinarian that include vaccinations, remove parasites, attention in case of any disease, surgery as well as all the utensils needed for their well being; brushes, shampoo, transportation cage, bed, etc.

They can live in a house or an apartment.

They don't require the companion of others to live well.

Can be less tolerant to small children that for their age, they would see them as toys and not company. It is only recommended for children that have a certain age where they can distinguish that is a pet and possibly an excellent friend.

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