Cat House-AC-Unit-Heater

Cat House Heater

As winter quickly approaches the time to act decisively on your cat's behalf is now. OurSuper Cathouse Air Conditioner/Heater is the thing that will make the difference between a cold miserable winter and a warm comfortable one.
This hard working 2500 BTU unit connects directly to your cat house and provides heating for the winter, cooling for the summer and is made to the highest of quality standards.

Utilizing the same climate control technology that protects your home, this device will give you the peace of mind all winter long that you deserve. No longer will you have to worry that your cat/cats might be suffering in the cold.

Built to last, the Super Cathouse Air Conditioner/Heater is affordable, has low maintenance and those of you concerned about saving on operational costs will be pleasantly surprised to hear that this cutting edge unit operates on the same energy consumption as four standard household light bulbs.

When you order this cat house AC/Heater along with your new cat house be it a standard cathouse or the cat Duplex, we will prep the house for you so that you will only have to connect the device to the cat house and it will be ready to turn on.

We recommend that you get the optional cat house insulation package along with the AC/Heater to ensure its best possible operational functionality.

Investing in a Super Cathouse AC/Heater has never been more important or easier. When you order the climate control system with your cat house we will ship it anywhere in the continental USA without additional costs.

Don't let this winter catch you unprepared, act now before it is too late. All accessories included.

The average distance is between 8" and 18". We provide a flexible air duct that allows you to place the unit where is most appropriate based on your terrain.There are three set positions: Hot-Off-Cold on the first knob. The second knob allows you select the ideal temperature for your pet.This unit has been specifically designed for all weather conditions.You will find the unit to be amazingly quiet.Cooling cost about $0.90 a day, if you operate the unit around the clock, heating costs a little more.The back of the dog house is ideal for the air holes, this position has proven most ergonomic for the dog to move in and out of his houseWe recommend cleaning the air-filter once a month. Should you damage the filter, two extra filters are provided. Periodically ensure that the power cord is secured to the unit and the outlet.As the system cycles the air, water is extracted and discharged out of the back of the unit via the drain.

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