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How to Take Care of Your Cat:The common misconception that cats are the ideal companions for people who want to have a pet, but do not have time to deal with him. There is nothing beyond reality. Although cats can be less demanding than other pets, they continue to need the same dedication on our part. The prize for taking care of a cat is the presence in our home of one of the nicest and most graceful animals in nature, healthy and happy.

Before taking a cat to our house, we should know its basic needs. They are essentially a balanced diet and cold, clean water for his health. The cat has to go outside or have a tray of sand for his needs, and regular cleaning habits. It is necessary to vaccinate him every year against the infectious diseases and treat him often against worms and the inevitable fleas. Visit the veterinarian occasionally, provided the suspect evidences a health problem.

Cats - Questions and Answers

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It is a good idea to brush him, especially if long hair cat. Finally, cats need of affection and human company. Though they are in the habit of being independent, they like the contact with people and they can manage to adopt our neighbors if one does not give them sufficient attention at home. If we stay away from home for one day or more, it is necessary to get someone to come and take care of them or find a suitable housing for them.

Your Cat: If we have decided to have a cat, we will be in very good company. In the 20th century, cats have prevailed over dogs as favorite pets in the developed countries, and its position is so extended in the urban zones as in the field.

In many senses, cats are the ideal pet in modern life. They are clean, relatively calm, occupy little space, it is not necessary to take him out on regular intervals and it is not expensive to maintain. Even people to whom cats are not pleasing have to admit that these are among the nicest creatures of nature.

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Cats - Questions and Answers

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A love – hatred relation: As many of his bigger relatives of the feline family, domestic cats have been feared and admired by men. His grace and elegance have fascinated many cultures, but his enormous popularity in Egyptian ancient culture and in others was , at first, due to his ability to hunt rodents.

It was precisely in Egypt where cats were raised as objects of worship. Thousands of years later, when the catholic religion had settled in Europe, cats started to be related to pagan beliefs. In spite of the fact that there were cats that were associated with several of the first Christian saints as Saint Jerome and Saint Agatha- they were in the habit of treating them badly. Later they managed to be seen as witches and witchcraft symbols, so they were object of suspicions, gossips and pursuits.

One can see a vestige of all in the insistent prejudice against cats for their occasional reclusion, which is considered to be selfishness. Cats are no more selfish than any other animal; it is not possible to judge them calmly using a human trait.

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