Outdoor Cat Enclosure Plans

While helping a friend draw up plans for an outdoor cat enclosure he was going to have constructed for his cats we took some time to think about what things we would need to accommodate all of his cats. He has five very fine felines and when dealing with clowder of cats it is always a good idea to take into account the various personalities of the cats. For starters we knew that we could get some duplexes and have between 2 and 3 cats living spaciously inside each one but since his felines are almost all very independent we were aware that this plan might just backfire and cause more problems that it resolved. In the end we decided that these dual level cedar townhouses that had found were the best for his specific situation. Another problem tOutdoor Cat Enclosure Planshat can come about when working with a group of cats is that if they are all using the same kitty cat litter tray the combined smells and fecal matter make the litter box an unlikable experience for the cats and if you aren't careful they can being to avoid using the litter tray altogether. Usually the best and simplest solution is to have a few different kitty litter trays for your cats that way no one in particular is getting over used. Of course it is always good to clean out a kitty litter box at least once a day not only for the sake of your cat's health but also for yours. Toxoplasmosis can result if you are not faithful in cleaning out the feces from the litter box and changing it often. Having individual food bowls for each of your cats is another way to avoid problems in your cat enclosure.

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