Plan Cat Enclosure

Before you bring a new kitten into your home it is not enough to just plan out a cat enclosure. A very important part of your responsibility to your prospective cat is of course to provide it with a comfortable and safe living space, whether you choose to give it a cat enclosure or just a cat house. Once you have the cat in your house it is equally important that you show it lots of love and affection. This also means train the kitten and helping it to become accustomed to your home life. It is just as important to help your cat to become familiar with its enclosure, as it is to socialize it with the other members of its new family and to teach it and train it in every way possible. Also helping to guide your cat through and the many and varied new experiences that it is bound to have is vital for your cat's education. All of this together will help to ensure the success of your cat's incat housetegration into your home and will help pave the way for a happy and stable home life. Here are some things you can do to help your new cat adjust to its new house and home. It is good to make sure your cat is comfortable around cars and public transport also, both riding in and being around them. Remember that any trips you make with your cat whether by car or public transportation should be done with a cat carrier. Always maintain complete control of any interaction between your kitten and other people or pets. If your kitten feels threatened it is best to gently lift it up and calm it down. Teach your kitten from the start to use the kitty litterbox and only to go there.


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