Dog and Dog Beds

Many people prefer keeping their dog and dog bed inside their house rather than letting the dog live and sleep outside. Whatever the case, you will need to give your dog a place inside your house that is private and not constantly populated with people; remember that dogs need their own private spaces. It’s very important the dog have a place he can go without being disturbed since this will help your dog feel safe and protected. If you have just gotten a new puppy, his dog bed can consist of a simple box with an opening in the front and a bed made with newspaper. In the inside you should put a couple toys, a blanket, and eventually a mattress. By doing this you will make your puppy feel cozy and comfortable. Make certain that the spot you give you puppy is a private one. Never force the puppy out of his doghouse and don’t let the children bother him in his rest times. Another important thing to keep is mind is that when your puppy misbehaves, to not punish him by sending him to his house: doing this will just make the puppy associate his house with a punishment spot instead of a cozy get away place. Later on when your dog has completed the teething stage, meaning he will not chew on everything anymore, you ought to think about getting your dog an appropriate dog bed. There are many options for dog beds some of which include open baskets, kennels, wooden ones with interior beds, pillows, blankets, washable bedding and the list goes on and on. Some dogs enjoy their beds so much they spend a lot of time in them, however it is also necessary to make sure you pet gets plenty of exercise so he doesn’t get lazy.

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