Dog Bed Sheet

We recently got a dog bed sheet, which was something that to our surprise helped our dog feel a lot cooler during the hotter moments of the day. We of course, were pleasantly surprised to find something as simple as a sheet would help make our dog feel more at ease and he started enjoying spending time on his bed a lot more, rather than the floor, which we can only now suppose was cooler for him than being on his own bed. Our dog’s bed has a blanket like surface and apparently it was making him feel warmer, whereas the sheet like surface makes him feel a lot cooler. You can even make an economical dog bed by covering a sheet or blanket around some foam, which can easily be found where human bedding is retailed. Remember that a dog bed can be a very simple thing; there is no guarantee that your dog will like the extremely expensive dog bed you get for him. Some dogs, believe it or not, actually prefer the floor because it is cooler. One good way of finding out what your dog likes is by observing where he or she likes to lie down in the house during the day. Other dogs prefer to snuggle up and curl up in a nice warm place in which case he or she would probably prefer the blanket like surfaced dog beds. The temperature in your house will make a difference in your dog’s preference as well as the dog’s hair and coat. A dog that has a short coat and lives in a cooler house may fancy bedding with a warm texture, while a long-coated dog may need a dog bed sheet to keep him cooler.

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