Fancy Dog Bed

I have always enjoyed buying my dog the latest dog accessories and fancy dog beds. Her first bed was very fancy with pink ribbons and with a silver lining on the surface. These kinds of dog beds could not just be found in any pet store before and were hard to get, however I have noticed that now in the past few years they are all over the place. A lot of pet supply stores have them and there are many Internet sites that offer them as well. My dog is so attached to this bed that she will not sleep anywhere else, the one thing about this bed is that its custom made. When I purchased it, the vendors called me and asked me different questions about my dog, such as what breed she was, how old she was, etc. I wasn’t exactly sure why they were asking me all this information but then then proceeded to fill me in on what were the best types of beds for the type of dog I had and the characteristics of my dog, which I thought was very interesting. I thought it was nice that the sales people got so into it and it was very apparent they knew what they were doing. When I was thinking about it later, I thought about the questions the sales people had asked me before getting my fancy dog bed and it hit me how important it actually is to buy a bed that goes along exactly with the needs and characteristics of your dog, and that buying something that is cute isn’t necessarily the best for your dog. Remember this factor when picking out your dogĀ“s bed and good luck.

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