Pet Dog Bed

A typical pet dog bed is something that can range from the simplest thing such as a padded box or basket to the most extravagant looking couch you have ever seen all made for dogs. Dogs should not sleep with their owners, even though at times we feel like it. The problem with allowing a dog to sleep on your bed is that they then think they are the pack leaders in the house, which unfortunately means you would go under them as well. Not a good position to lose especially given that you are the pet owner! A good and well made dog bed that is going to be placed outside must be protected by the weather and should always have a dry clean environment. You should choose a dog bed that is easy for your dog to move around in, and check to see that its hands and head don’t hang off of the bed, if such were the case; it is not the right dog bed size for your dog. Loose fitting bedding and a cloth that is flat that is placed over the door can help keep your dog cozy in cold weather. The house should be built in a way so that it is possible to clean or wash the dogĀ“s bed and cleaning and treating with insecticides to control parasites is also important. Many manufacturers use cedar filling in dog bedding and cushions and pillows as they repel fleas and the cedar filling can be thrown out every once in a while and changed which is convenient as well. If you can try to take your dog with you while dog bed shopping so that you can find the most appropriate one, he will probably know exactly what he wants.

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