Waterproof Dog Bed

Although it is not suggested to leave your dog outside, if you are going to leave him outside, make sure to provide him with a waterproof dog bed and an appropriate dog house. A doghouse must be big enough for the dog to be able to stand up, lie down, and stretch out without touching the sides however it should not be too big that it can't contain his own body heat. The doghouse should be waterproof, have a waterproof dog bed in it and should be at least two inches above the ground. It must also have a door flap or windbreaker on the entrance throughout the colder seasons. One thing that the dog should always have access to when he has to be outside in a dog house is water and it should and more food should be fed to the dog as well if he is to live or be outside a lot in the colder months at least because a dog needs additional calories in the winter to add to its body heat. During the summer months the doghouse should also be in a place where the dog has a way of getting into the shade, and out of the sun. One good idea for a waterproof dog bed is the waterproof supplex, as it does not snag, tear, or stain. Since it is super tough, and tear-resistant it is something that can be used on an outside doghouse. Futons are mattresses that are often times used when traveling and most of them are waterproof dog beds and can be used both inside the house and outside. Puppies and older dogs should have waterproof dog beds to avoid any unwanted and messy accidents.

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