Aggressions to family members

Even when the aggressions that a dog can present towards the members of his own pack, these can be generate by several different causes, the most common of these is the lack of authority and, in consequence, a wrong location of the member on the hierarchic scale marked by the dog.

We have already mention of how important it is to have a correct development of the stages of adoption and socialization, so the levels of authority from the different members of the family group be adequate. Also, you will have to mark and follow determine rules with the dog until he passes to the stage of adultness: from 18 to 24 months in standard breeds, and something of 30 months in molossus.

Until that moment, something really fundamental is that there exists a great unity of criteria from part of everyone in the family group with respect as how to act with the dog. If not done this way, you will not only confuse him when being rewarded or reprehended before an identical situation, but also he can end up having antagonistic reactions for the different members of the group, depending on the level of individual authority of each one of them.

To obtain a correct level of authority, it is important that overall on the youth stage of the exemplary, to be moderately rigid with him. This way we will avoid that an excessive compliance, that would be interpreted by him as weakness, causing his ascendance inside the hierarchic structure. The problem is not that the dog ascends in the scale, but that the weak elements, in consequence, descend in it and be an object of reactions non tolerant by part of the animal, in a more easy way than with the superior elements, the dog would never try to challenge this last.

The members of the family that will suffer the consequences of intransigency from the dog will be those who by their age (he considers child as puppies), sex (women are for him just females) or attitudes (excessive petting), they transmit to the exemplary an insufficient sensation of dominance. Besides the already quoted unity of criteria, you have to be prepared to act correctly before the negativity the animal could present.

This negativity, or wrong answers from the dog, before the pretension of dominance over some of the members of the family, these could be reduced or simplified in two.

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