Attenuating conditions

Under diverse conditions, fear or an unsafe sensation, can be aggravated to unsuspected limits, including total blockade. In a greater or less measure, the lack of light affects dogs. It can cause reactions that go from keeping still up to escaping desperately without knowing from what it is running from. In the same manner, the absence of free movement increases the lack of self-confidence in the dog. Exemplars, that even though being with its owners show aggressive reactions as if they were protecting themselves from something, wouldn't respond in the same way. The animal would respond differently if it could enjoy more from a bigger space to move. Undoubtedly, these animals would behave properly, instead.

If in the same way one must interpret this way of acting by the dog is the following: when getting near to its owner, the superior element of the pack, the animal is looking for more confidence. On the other hand, it expects that this proximity will intimidate his adversary as to make him desist from the attitude manifested towards him.

In the same way excessive and unexpected noises can cause also, highly negative reactions on the dog. Mainly, and by evasion, the escape. What intimidates the dog is not the noise itself, but not knowing its origin. Everybody knows the fear dogs have for fire crackers for example. The most apparent prove we have is that the best vaccine against fear, are early experiences as we can evidence in dogs used in hunting activities. Obviously, this is a monitored activity.

At an early age, one makes the future members of the pack of hounds follow them while hunting, with the intention of:

  1. making the dog watch and imitate the older dogs when in action,
  2. awakening there natural hunting instincts, and
  3. getting them accustomed to all the aspects having to do with hunting activities.

Among some of the external circumstances that could affect the dog are the noise of gunfire. In this particular situation, one must think about the proper stimulus relation, that is, the negative (related to the gunfire) and the positive ( which is the journey to the country and the development of its hunting instincts).

But what must really worry you is the daily noise made by garbage trucks, traffic, ambulances, and others that make the dog act in such way. If you don't want to find yourself having to deal with a much more serious situation like agoraphobia -or fear to open spaces- in the near future, one must apply a program that can hold back its sensibility, as soon as possible.

Don't forget that the dog tends to generalize and can begin to take this problem to other places, before the fear of having to go again over a similar experience the repetition of a traumatic experience in an uncontrolled way can accentuate a stage of undesired conduct.

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