Breed classification

To make a correct meditated and consensual selection of the breed of our future pet is of great importance.

Immediately we will give you in detail the adjudication of levels (low, medium and high) given to a group of 60 races that so much as for their physique (great height, medium constitution or toy breeds) as for its usefulness (hunting, guardians, companions, etc) are found between the most popular in the country. Levels have been established taking into account the main characteristics of conduct.

With the help of the different qualifications obtained by breed or breeds of your own choice, you will elucidate if it adapts so much as to the general profiles of the family as of its style of life, space and time availability, etc.

The basic characteristics one has to know about every dog are:

Dog Behaviorist Choosing a Male or Female Dog Breed classification Needs of exercise Need for affection Tolerance to children Tolerance to other dogs Dominant character Territorial character Activity Level Obedience education Dog psychology