Collar and Leash usage

The first step consists in changing all that the dog considers as torture elements, its collar and leash for other totally different. In reference to the collar, if the dog is used to going for a walk with a strangling or punishing model, this must be substituted by a harness of most frequent use.

Until you can get your dog to the normal levels of conduct, this harness will be used only and exclusively in a way for the animal to relate its employment with an immediate pleasure situation besides of the concrete animals characteristics that are subject to treatment, there exist three positive situations that are common to most dogs: a home guest that is affectively connected to the dog, food delivery and any kind of games.

When someone whom the dog likes is going to visit your home being or not part of the family and at the exact time that the door bell sounds you will immediately proceed to put on the harness. Having passed ten minutes from the arrival of the guest and once having passed the logical excitement we will take the harness off. In relation to the food, we have to act in the same way and avoid giving him any extra food or sweets in between meals. As a previous step to the dogs access to the food you will put him the harness and will be kept on during all the time he is eating. Take the harness off after five minutes from having finished his meal.

It doesn't matter how many portions you give to your dog per day. It is advised to fix them schedules with periods that should not last more than 30 minutes. To keep the veterinarians suggested diet; you may enrich them by adding some of your own secret ingredients that could help the dog be more interested in eating. This method is good to enhance and reinforce positive conditioning related to harness use.

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