Controlling your barking dog

The moment the dog starts barking, you will require the help of your collaborator, who must go near the entrance door and knock on it. If this were not enough, you will accompany the knock with a loud, NO!, but always at the same time of the barking. Due to the impossibility to create a negative conditioning without the presence of a human, if it has to be done, at least let it be from a person that is a stranger to the animal.

This operation must be done at least three times a day in completely separated hours. The margin of tolerance, must be increased every 15 minutes,. It won't be extended before verifying the positive results on all the occasions and during at least two consecutive days.

We will never go inside the house when the dog is barking, even at risk of having to leave and coming back after 10 minutes. At our arrival we will congratulate him in a moderate and progressive way and as he goes on responding positively increase the demonstration of affection only at our departures and arrivals to our home, and not during the rest of the day, in which you will keep on with the conditions marked before.

In what concerns the showing of affection that you can give to the dog, this must always be according to the answer presented by him in relation to the problem one is treating. Nevertheless, and due that on determined occasions the interpretation by part of the dog to external stimulus received is not the ones you expected for him to do, they will have to be moderated in a general way, and not in a momentary way, the giving of affection and of compliance that the animal will receive especially when he shows irritating results.

The cause is very simple: the dog will interpret the circumstance, and in more accentuated way in the animals classified as high character breeds, as an act of servility, deference or weakness towards him. Nevertheless, what is really a problem, is the side effect caused by this circumstance: the wrong location of the different members of the family in the hierarchic structure established by the dog, and the consequences that these could bring.

You mustn't forget that most of the behavioral problems that a dog can present are due to the lack of authority from one or more members of the family.

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