Correct location of the child in the family hierarchy

At the moment, the just arrived has to be the last link in the family's hierarchic structure , for the dog.

Nor the prerogative nor the limitations that the dog had before the arrival of the child to the house can vary substantially. Now then, the animal must be part, as one more member of the family, of all the moments in which the baby is the center of the family's activities: the bath, when the child is joyful or upset; when changing diapers, when the special odors of the little one are evident, including those of the feces or the urine, and when playing. This because the dog will also want to play with the baby and much more. These are the circumstances under which the dog has to be considered as part of the family.

If we could see that at certain times of the day that our pet stands over the baby, not on him, or rests his head upon his, we shouldn't alarm ourselves; the dog is only letting the baby know that he is considered inferior by him. Dogs use attitudes of their canine packs in their human pack. This, the same as the full physical contact between child and dog, is not a behavior that should be encouraged, but neither held back.

However, if we observe that our dog manifests a defensive attitude towards the baby before the presence of strangers, we should congratulate him, always in a concrete way, because he is only protecting someone he already considers part of him.

If after a prudential time, approximately 10 minutes, the dog keeps on with this attitude, with smooth words and a slight reprehension it will stop. If not, you will increase the intensity in the tone of voice until you manage to end it. Nevertheless, never reach the point in which you have to ground the dog in another room, not even while there are guests or when doing something special or daily with the child.

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