Destruction of gardens

Frequently the dog manifests behaviors that the owners don't understand, but on the contrary, for the animal are perfectly logical. One of these for despair of their owners is the destruction of part or the totality of their flowers and plants on the garden of the house.

No matter how big the garden, the dog needs to go out once in a while. If not the dog will discharge his accumulated energy by destroying your garden which after all is fun for him. Also remember that the dog is after your attention no matter if bad or good his actions to attain it.

In most of the cases, the manifestation of this behavior ends in the instant in which you give the dog other alternatives to burn his energies. If this wouldn't happen so the adequate would be to create for him a negative conditioning with respect to the area you desire to preserve.

Before the intention of the dog to destroy the garden there are cases in which a verbal reprimand from the owners is enough to stop this initiative, not temporarily, but on a definitive way.

As for the type of negative conditioning to apply we recommend that of remote acoustic aversion, not only because it is effective, but because we can't associate the sound emission with the owners the application will be done when the dog pretends to initiate the destruction.

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