Dog and Family

The dog doesn't have the same concept of the family as we humans do. For him, the family is a group, and it will seek for its position inside this hierarchical structure. It is because of this that the members of the family group must follow a same way to treat the pup and not be excessively condescending with him.

At this stage, his eagerness is greater than the fear for this new environment. One must take advantage of these circumstances to expose him to as many experiences as possible. This exposition must be given slowly and in a progressive way trying not to cause a trauma in the pup.

Don't forget that circumstances that would seem perfectly normal to you, aren't necessary the same for a dog: The human being has reasoning; the dogs act by association.

From the point of view of the veterinary, it is comprehensible. The usual practice of maintaining your dog apart from other exemplars and from public places, fearing a possible infection, but this can affect negatively the dogs capability to wholly relate with its surroundings. To have in the future a psychologically stable dog, it is recommended that the dog be in contact with the outside since its arrival to your home. It doesn't matter if you take him in your arms or in the car; the important thing is that he goes outside. To make this feasible try to design his vaccination calendar with the possibility for him to socialize correctly. There is no substitute for early experiences.

Comparative studies made among brothers from the same liter have revealed that the puppies that where raised in environments with a lack of stimulus or that had almost no possibilities to relate themselves with various and positive environments, manifested, in relation to his brothers (with an adequate socialization) great differences in conduct, fundamentally with regard to the answers manifested before the presence of daily stimulus or before the attempt to interact with other dogs or people.

A conclusion you mustn't forget: if a determined shortage should happen during these two stages, adoption and socialization, we might find ourselves in the future with a dog full of fear problems, aggressiveness and a big etc.

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