Dog Fear

Above any consideration we must think that any reaction of fear from the animal has an origin. To identify it will be determined when beginning the sensibility suppression treatment. Fundamentally, fear can be acquired by two motives: a lack of experience during the first periods as a pup, adoption and socialization, or to having suffered a traumatic experience with or without pain in any period of his life.

Independently from the origin, what is indisputable is that this fear has its reason of being in the increasing of the possibilities of survival of the affected animal.

In any case, the way the owners should act is not always the best to solve the problem, rather all the contrary.

For example, if a dog before the presence of a human or another dog manifests an insecure behavior, the reaction of the owner is to instill confidence to his dog, petting and talking soothingly to try to calm him. The dog doesn't react to any of these stimulus as humans do. The message that he is receiving is totally opposed to what desired and he will understand it as an "okay – okay," through this the owner will be encouraging the conduct he wishes to soothe.

To try to solve this problem, like many others, it is necessary to plan the way to control the situations that we know are conflicting, due that the dog doesn't distinguish fiction from reality. That is why, we will ask for the collaboration of friends and the other dog owners to mount a "theater act."

We must propitiate these encounters more often, letting the animal see our rejection before his negative attitude by reprimanding him in a mild way. We will also strengthen his good disposition for contact, so much with mild words as with sweets. This way, we will get the dog to accept without reserves the new situations that may occur.

It results convenient to say that the problem may increase or present a regression if, in the eagerness to obtain fast results, you force an excess of encounters or to repeat them to frequently.

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