Dog's Education

All members of the family should be involved In educating the dog. It is not convenient for only one member to be exclusively involved. We must think that as much as the enjoying as the responsibility of caring for the animal must be equally shared by every member of the family group. If this so happens, the only one who looses is the dog.

Equally and confronted to the doubt as how to act before a bad action from the animal it is usually taken with some violence. Before any bad situation done by the dog you should have in mind that in many occasions is more adequate to impose positive attitudes than to repress the negative ones.

To avoid misunderstandings that may confuse the dog, there must be a unified criteria. There is nothing more self-defeating for the animal than the fact that one member of the family group reprehends him for an action that another member of the family not only tolerates, but encourages it.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use the so called, tactic of the two folios. This tactic consists in something as simple as being all the family gathered round the table discussing what the dog has done, or the other way around, what the family had done to the dog. There one will be able to decide whether it has been positive or negative to do.

Once every issue has been discussed and everyone has decided what to do, the agreement must be put in black and white separating the positive side from the negative one. Decisions taken must be considered as rules and must be followed by all the family including the dog. These rules will only suffer variations with agreement from the whole family members and if the circumstances require it.

Dogs education must start since the arrival to a new home, and it must be kept throughout. From its first misbehavior, almost every situation can be solved by the owner itself, without having to ask for professional help. The basis of education is definitely to make the dog understand and differ a misbehavior from a proper behavior.

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