Dog's Views

You must have in mind that the dog interprets our attitudes in a totally different way than we do, although sometimes, due to their expression or determined reactions, we tend to give them human attributions as for example, emotions.

It is convenient to point out that most of the problems that owners have from dogs, come from a total lack of authority. For this reason, it is frequent for the dog to tolerate determined attitudes from some members of the family, while in front of others, he considers them inferior, and on similar circumstances does everything possible not to loose the position he considers he has in the pack. If necessary, he will be aggressive.

At the time you get your dog to behave as you want, it is fundamental that all the family keeps the same kind of conduct with him, not only must there exist a great family unity towards the dog in matter of following the established rules by each one of them. He who is tested by the dog has to solve the situation in a satisfactory manner.

It will never be positive, in any way, for a member of the family thought by the dog as superior member to mingle and try to resolve the test, such artifice won´t be of any use, and trying might make the dog insist more in attaining the so called position he wishes. In the same way, it is not absolutely convenient that a member of the family unity takes authority from the other in front of the animal. Besides that the dog is highly sensitive and understands perfectly the situation, it will not only rebound on how dog may present, in general, less respect towards the other person, but under determined circumstances he won't know what to expect or whom to obey.

As an immediate effect of this last statement, the dog will manifest more dominance testing towards the member of the family that has been reprimanded in front of him, and not so much to the others. To give an exemplar signs of affection is not compatible with manifesting in moments of sternness with him. The dog is only a member of the family, but that doesn't mean that by a correct behavior from the human members of the pack that the dog is the last member in rank of it, and for it he is subordinated to each one of them.

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