Dog sensibility issues

If possible always try to make any artificial plan designed to show the dog something, as real as the authentic situation. For the exposition before a negative stimulus to be under control at every moment it was recommended to avoid, at least during the rush hours, the permanence of Rita in the house, while there wasn't any evident progress on her margin of tolerance.

Fortunately, the owners or Rita where pensioners and didn't put any inconveniences at the time of asking that during the rush hours they would go with the dog to another place in which the acoustic conditions that made her afraid weren't the same. Correspondingly, we began to observe which was the maximum level of noise that Rita tolerated without substantially modifying her behavior, reproducing the recording done in the middle of the traffic chaos in the sound equipment of the owners.

The following step consisted in establishing the rewards for the positive conditioning to offer Rita for her tolerance to the sounds recorded. As a direct consequence of the way of being (and by so for acting) of the owners Rita was a dog to whom they constantly gave affection, caresses and fulfillment of her wishes. For that and as a secondary effect, she manifested a great dependence towards his owners and of their frequent signs of affection.

We took advantage of this dependence and in the fixation Rita had on a little old and bitten rubber airplane for in unison with a symbolic portion of cheese to reward her during the emission of the recorded sounds.

The put in scene would take place twice a day in hours near the rush hours for during one hour. In each session we would mix the exposition of Rita to the sounds with giving her a toy using the rubber plane as a physical contact. Turning the level of the sound up from week to week always verifying that Rita shows tolerance and a normal conduct answer before the immediate inferior level. In the same way we increase the intensity so much of the games as of the affection given to her, now remitted to normal margins the rest of the journey., and reinforcing all the before with a portion of cheese during the course of the sessions we attained not only for Rita to accept a greater sound intensity even greater than the real, but to associate the old feared sounds as a prelude of playing. A conditioned reflex.

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