Emphasizing conditions and appeasing to evasive behavior

The individual level of security of each dog is determined in a fundamental way, by the breed and the development of his behavior during the first months of his life. But, besides this, there are external factors that could propitiate an increasing or a diminishing so much in the frequency of the manifestations as in the scene of the evasive conduct. Under this factors, we could emphasize on the knowledge or not of his surroundings, the reference of security that the owner might transmit to the exemplary and, the existence or not of some motive that could results highly attractive, as could depending on his level of security, if his surroundings are not the usual, the dog could dedicate himself to exploring it, ignoring the presence of his owner, or, by the contrary, he will also do an extensive inspection, but without excessively being separated from his owner, who id in a basic way, who gives him protection. This way he will feel more secure before the unknown surroundings.

Uncontrolled Sphincter
This problem can be qualified as the most usual problem taken to consult with the veterinary or animal psychologist.

The dog has an inborn tendency inherited from the wolf, of maintaining clean of feces which he considers is his den. In spite of it, there are not few exemplars that in spite of the good intentions of his owners, take more time in controlling their sphincters inside a reasonable term of time or even can't make it. As the more common causes for this problem, we can quote several, and in the most difficult cases can concur to more than one unchaining circumstance to have in mind.

As the more significant causes, we can emphasize in the following:

  • Uncontrolled scheduled in the meals and taking him outside
  • Variations on the elements of his diet
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of attention from the owners
  • Territorial marking

Dog Behaviorist Not enough exercise in relation to age and breed Scarce contact with other dogs Punishment to a late response Emphasizing conditions and appeasing to evasive behavior