Exercises with your Dog

Once this exercise is completed and having had a regular score on this first step, you will begin again, but with the engine started. And last, before facing the dog to a real situation, you will do short trips at the beginning. So much in this as in the previous stages,. You will have the help of an assistant that can exercise an immediate control over the animal, before getting to the point in which we have to drive alone in the vehicle with the dog. We must not forget that in the moment in which the dog responds positively to the work done with him, you must correspond with a verbal reward and occasionally some sweets. Likewise, you will have to reprehend him if the answer is not the desired: a verbal reprehension and if he breaks an order that he should have executed, repetition of the same.

As it is logical to think, you won't proceed to the next stage until there is proof of having overcome in a satisfactory way the previous stage. Three times a day per three days.

As an additional measure that will be applied since the first day, and independently from the response given by the dog, you will try -within the possible- that we participate in any short distance journey which final goal isn't no pleasant circumstance as mentioned before or similar. There is a peculiarity which is after reaching our destination (supermarket, coffee shop, newspaper stand, etc.) the dog must stay inside the vehicle.

By doing this last activity the dog will not always associate the vehicle with pleasant destinations, and in consequence the levels of excitement will be lessen an least for the dog. Don't forget that anything having to do with going out is a party considering its daily routine.

However, and for extremely active animals, it is very convenient that before going to any destination and also during the described stage, to proceed in having the dog make an intensive exercising with the objective to tire him. Every negative answer from the dog will be mitigated if he is tired. Although after a time, the dog will be rested- This technique will have been useful at the beginning of the trip, that is when the animal is most excited.

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