Expression canals

For his interaction with the rest of the living beings and with its environment the dog has several channels of expressions. The same as the dog perfectly captivates the different states of mind of his owner it is indispensable that for a correct relation with him you should know the different ways in which the animal at the same time is transmitting to us his intentions before determined situations. The answers as in respect to the body language that a dog can show are divided in three groups: sound, smell and physical posture (tail, eyes, mouth, ears and others). Before any determined situation the dog will always exteriorize its answer through the combination of several of them: some of the first or second group with some unfailingly, from the third. The response of smelling type is created by the emission of pheromones (hormones that are released in the air in an effluvium way) produced this by the glands situated in the cushions in his feet the anal zone, and others.

The odorous type of reactions not because they are known but for presenting itself only before punctual situations. The dog liberates the glands which emanate this effluviums of a highly penetrating and intense odor (shelled by other exemplars through an organ situated in the palate of the dog and denominated nasal vomer or of Jacobsen). It is an involuntary act, in difference with the rest of the channels of expression that does have a volatile character.


  • Kept up sight : challenge and if necessary, to accept to fight
  • Evasive sight : submission


  • Low and relaxed : calm, normal situation
  • Extended and almost in line with loin: attention
  • Erect, in a superior level with respect to the loin: dominance before another dog or person.
  • Low and partly hidden between the hind legs: insecurity before another dog, person or situation
  • Low and hidden between the hind legs and covering with it its genitals: fear


  • Mouth relaxed and partly open: calm, normal situation
  • Mouth closed and lips lightly snarled: slight menace
  • Mouth partly open and lips completely snarled with the incisors totally exposed: serious menace
  • Mouth partly open, lips completely snarled, incisors totally exposed and upper part of the snout contracted: very serious menace


  • Relaxed in a normal position: calm
  • Erect and slightly inclined forward: attention
  • Inclined backwards: insecurity
  • Totally folded backwards: fear

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