Family environment

The dog has a different kind of concept of the family as we humans do. For the dog, the family is a pack, so it will establish himself inside the hierarchical structure trying to reach the highest possible position .

Taking into account that the dog tends to over rate himself inside this structure, the children and the women in the family are the ones that must show themselves less condescending with him because they are the ones whom the dog has less respect for. The first feature a dog determines rank is by the height (for dogs height reinforces rank), and the second one is referred to gender, that is, a female member is seen as of inferior rank.

In most of the cases it is understandable for the women in the family to feel annoyed for the poor consideration the dog has for them, being the women in the house who feed and care the most for them. Certainly, this makes dogs have more affection for the women, but that is not the same as respect. Men have a more deep and stronger tone of voice than women, tone that imposes more respect in the animal.

When dogs don't understand the instructions or orders the tone of voice tells them what to do. On the other hand women inside the family are considered as females by dogs, and believe or not, this factor appears to be essential in how to treat them. In many animal species, females are considered exclusively as reproductive elements, and in consequence, as lo-class subjects. Finally, don't forget that the daily care of the dog by women in the house is in its particular way of seeing things a sign of servility. This only emphasizes the low position of women in the family's hierarchic structure

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