Frequent Dog Owner Mistakes

There are two frequent errors made by dog owners, one is in relation with the availability of the dwellings area (houses with more or less ground lots) and the other with the daily time given to exercise the dogs.

It is common, but not accurate, the plan that house owners usually do in how much daily physical exercises their dogs must have The argument that they present is the following: "My dog has at his disposal an area that many dogs would like to have in an apartment. He can run and exercise himself without having to go outside. He doesn't lack anything." Not TRUE! Certainly we will be covering its basic need: EXERCISE. But it will be an animal without any social life or experience, with all the burden this carries.

An exemplar submitted to this isolation will be a dog poor in life experience. Basing in it on the positive as well as the negative, the dog will act by association. In consequence, he will be limited to an acting repertory, so much with humans as with other dogs.Even to dispose of a vast area that any dog living in an apartment would want, you must try to make it possible for the dog to enjoy what to him is unknown, to interact with other from its species. The vast repertory of experiences and to establish contact with more members of the human species. It is only a question of giving some of our time to our companions.

The second and most common mistake is to only take them out for excreting exclusively. After the usual fight between the members of the family on who will have to take him, as if this were a punishment. If they do take them out for some exercise, it would be better on the weekends, but in many cases even this is omitted.

The exemplar's behavior submitted to this way of life is typical. On the first day of the week they are exhausted, as a logical consequence of the intensity of exercises propitiated by his owner on the weekends. The third and fourth day of the week, once totally recovered, we again present an hyperactive behavior. By Friday we will add to this situation its logical nervousness when perceiving the proximity of the weekend.

It is preferable to measure correctly the exercise the dog does throughout the week. This way we will cover several of the needs of the dog, not only the physiological aspect. On the worst case, we will mitigate the conflictive behavior of the dog; hyperactivity, and in the best of the cases we will eradicate it.

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