How to prevent depression

In first place, the most useful remedy for depression is the study of the progenitors and the environment in which the pup has been brought up till his acquisition. In the same way, you will have to provide him with the maximum experience repertory throughout all its life., trying not to fall at any time during the routine. Due that this situation also causes a great number of depression.

Besides of the origin of the depression you can adopt a series of measures for a tending if not to smoothen the effects of it, to mitigate them. Of all of them, we should emphasize in what we call the rupture of established schemes.

As measures for a tendency to break schemes we recommend the following:

  1. Every morning between 7 and 8 am take the dog out to exercise and recreate itself.
  2. At mid morning take him for a walk during 10 minutes. Every day you must change the route for walking.
  3. Between 2:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon, take him out for another 10 minute walk. As in the morning, you must change the route everyday.
  4. Between 7:30 and 8:30 at night, you will take him out for the last time in the day. Walk 10 minutes daily changing circuit always.
  5. All the walks and exercising should be done by the female owner of the dog. With this, the male dog will assume the title of leader of the couple walking. His self esteem will increase by leading the female owner. For this to work, the dog should be the one that chooses the route and rhythm of the walk.
  6. He should have absolute freedom of movement around the house.
  7. Vary once in a while his diet. Instead of giving him commercial food everyday prepare him some fresh meat –veal or fish- every once in a while so that it can also enjoy their meals.

In the same way and as an additional measure show him some affection and make him feel he is part of the family every single day. If you are fond of a sport or of exercising get a harness and take with you.

Aggravating elements or situations for depression
Besides the previously mentioned of the most frequent of exogenous depression we would have to emphasize the following:

  • After-surgery depression: on surgeries amputating tails or ear clippings that are even more than in a conventional surgery.
  • Depression because of psychological pregnancy
  • Depression before rejection to coupling
  • Senile depressions
  • Depression before the first menstrual cycle
  • Depression before a harsh variation in his affective environment: sickness or death of the owner.

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