Ingestion of its own feces

Form a behavioral point of view, the ingestion of their own feces could have two different ways to interpret them depending on the place (indoors or outdoors) in which the action has been performed. The first of them is very frequent. When done, one might think in behavior inherited by his ancestor the wolf. One can also think of eliminating all kinds of tracks from determined areas to avoid any possible territorial conflict with other dogs.

Although it is an unusual behavior if you want his complete remission, you will proceed in the same way as quoted before for the ingestion of feces of other dogs.

The ingestion of feces inside the house is performed, as it usually happens, when the owner is not at home, but it sometimes also happens that the dog performs this action when the owner is not looking, that is it hides from its master.

The origin of this behavior may come from not applying on time the correspondent negative conditioning focused in cutting the initiative of evacuating inside the house.

If when waking up in the morning, or after being absent for a while from the house, we find that the dog has excreted and we reprehend him for it, the animal will associate the vision of this feces seen by his owners and the punishment. In this concrete case, we are talking about feces, but it could be the same with urine.

If we don't act immediately the deed done. It will useless, but if we surprise him in the act, the reprehension will be related with deed thus, will be accepted by the dog. Then, by a punishment given out of time, and by the dog knowing the wrong he has done, the dog will ingest his own feces to disappear any evidence of it.

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