Injuries in dog attacks

The injuries produced by the attacks (for them, merely defensive acts) from the exemplars that suffer from this problem don't usually have a middle term or they limit themselves, not being capable of more to give strong blow with his snout keeping its jaws closed or the attacks are produced in such a state of excitement that dogs don't make a single bite, but give repeated blows with a disastrous ending. Fortunately this last option is the less usual. If the dog sees that by showing an intimidating attitude that what he fears being it human or canine, disappears from its camp of action. He will have found the most easy solution which is what he is really looking for. In consequence the true problem comes when being in this kind of situation, it doesn't disappear as it usually happens. Then, for the dog there is only three options the immobilization, escape or aggression.

In the first of them before the impossibility of escaping the dog may take the ventral position and even urinate himself. A reminiscence of its feeding stage when being reprehended by its mother. The normal is that he passes by intermediate states that go from submission to the most exhausting corporal inspections or tot the clear exposure of the most vulnerable part of its body, the neck.

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