Jealousy with Dogs

Jealousy is a word that dogs do not know the meaning of nor what it implies; nevertheless, we humans sometimes think that our best friends act as if in fact they were jealous. This quality, which is only human, is not evidenced in dogs. Dogs are simply simpler animals with no such characteristics.

Dogs do not understand the concept of family as we humans do. They consider it a pack. That is why, the dog tries to be in a position that will allow him to "play on both sides." Evidently, this will depend on several factors including the hierarchic structure within the pack or family.

Now, one must not forget that dogs are highly rational animals. It is precisely because of this feature that for them, what we humans understand as jealousy is only a sensation that their hierarchic position is being threatened to be lowered. Obviously, there must be many factors that might have influenced that supposition, but for us, the main factor would probably be the arrival of a baby to the family, for example. When interacting with our dog, it is determining to have an established position for each member in the pack.

It is very normal to have babies coming into our lives and becoming new members of the family. What is somewhat more difficult is the fear and doubts that arouse when having to introduce this new member to the dog. We never know how the pet will react under these situations.

Here are some general suggestions on how to deal with this situation. Even though each case has its own particular issues, avoid being it conflictive or traumatic – for us or the dog- when these new and joyful situations show up. These suggestions must rest under three basic pillars: non traumatic introduction, a proper positioning of the child within the family hierarchy, and upgrading the child's rank, if necessary

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