Marking their territory

Basically, this difference is given on exemplars that belong to breeds catalogued as guardians. Although these enjoy of acceptable daily walks on the outside they, consider it insufficient and feel a great need for marking their first line of territory (his home) with personal reference marks. These are done, overall, with urine and, sometimes with feces. This exemplars are characterized by his prolonged urination just stepping out of their house and then marking frequently his territory with scarce urine, sometimes they can even pose as urinating without doing it.

On the male exemplars, the most inclined to suffer of this behavior, this can end by giving acrobatic postures just to deposit his sample of urine as high as possible: on trees, walls, etc. With it, they want their personal odor to travel with the wind as far as possible. This extreme situations are given when, besides the simple marking, they also want to cover with their urine the deposited by other exemplary.

Parallel to the exposed, the exemplars that have more or less ample terrain, can mark their territory so much from the inside as from the outside of limits of the grounds. Outside, because the common areas of recreation are considered by every dog as his, and inside, to make it clear for exemplars that passes by to know that this area is private property.

In any case, the problem will be solved by combining the increasing of the times the dog goes out each day with the application of a negative conditioning when needed.

If your dog has evacuated inside the house in your absence and by it cannot apply the negative conditioning you must limit yourself to clean the area with water and vinegar (three parts of water by one of vinegar) or some cleaning prod

Never reprehend the dog when not catching him in the act of evacuating, he wouldn't associate it and wouldn't know why you are punishing him.

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