Phobia or fear to the collar or leash

Unquestionably one of the most serious problems which owners have to confront is the negative presented by his dog to let himself put a collar on, no matter what kind, to be held by a leash or both things.

The owner's despair increases when they find out that there exists two alternatives to the maddening race to catch the dog and hold him to take a walk with the dog free on his own, extreme in which that on determined areas and depending on the dogs character, results extremely dangerous, or to quit going for a walk which will present the problem of the dogs needs to evacuate.

As it happens with any conduct problem what you have to do first is to find the origin of the problem, always that this is possible, because on many occasions the unchaining of events can pass totally unobserved before our eyes. This first step is basically at the hour of establishing patterns that must be followed to obtain that the answer to the negative stimulus disappears. In this case, the putting on or the mere presence of the collar or the leach.

Generally, the response of aversion towards the leach may be due to a past traumatic experience with or without pain, when making his daily walks. The animal related being hold by the leash with the immediate going outside ( a conditioning reflex) and present posture of rejection when associating it with the negative experience.

To obtain that the dog will accept again to have a collar or to be held by the leash, a process of sensibility suppression will have to take place, directed to attain that which the dog considers to be a prelude of going through a rough time and being in reality an episode of nice and gratifying sensations.

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