Pulling the leash excessively

The exteriorization, the cause and the modification of this behavior doesn't result especially conflictive but it is convenient to treat it due the frequent it results.

This conduct has no psychological origin, except for the dogs classified as highly dominant, which take it from his wild ancestors, in which the dominant elements always lead the pack. In consequence, you might think that most dogs manifest it due to the anxiety created by the association leash = street = recreation area.

It is typical to see a dog pulling off the leash when going to its recreational area but not so when heading home. This change of attitude is determined by two factors:

  • The dog has already burned all its energy because of the exercise done, and
  • Going back home is related by the dog with positive situations and experiences lived, but never as gratifying as those related to its playing grounds.

If we combine the positive association that going to the recreation area causes to the dog with the lack, more or less, of going out to exercise that most of the dogs suffer from, you will have as result the behavior that now occupies us.

We are talking about a conduct that can be corrected by ways of training him in obedience and not of a conduct variation susceptible to treatment by a specialist. But due to the frequency that this happens, here are the clues to follow:

  • To go on walks without holding him back with the leash at every moment will bring the animal a double benefit. First, the dog will stop suffocating himself by the pressure of the collar over his neck, and
  • Second, if the walks aren't a torture for the owner, he will use all the time at his disposal to go out with the dog.

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