Punishment to a late response

If the dog would take a long time to come, for any cause, after being ordered to, in no case! Must you punish r reprehend him in any way.

When coming, more or less slowly, you might think that the dog is renouncing to keep on with his games, alone or in company of other exemplars. All for all, this is to be grateful, because of the short time he disposes of daily for his recreation. In general, we are a little selfish in sharing the dog's games. It is typical to go to the park or playing grounds and start talking with other dog owners, read the newspaper, etc. And the normal would be to call him once, with which the animal would come, let himself put the leach, and go home.

If we join these two wrong customs to the former exposed, it would seem logical for the dog to make himself deaf to your calls. And if overall we reprehend him verbally or physically for his delay, you can be sure, that for fear to a reprehension, the dog will gradually stop to respond positively to the order.

To avoid this situation, not only should you give him more moments of distraction, but also to play with him. We will also avoid reprehending him for his tardiness, we will leave him to keep on playing for the specially hard cases, besides following the indications given before, you must encourage the arrival of the dog. This can be done choosing an specially food that he likes most and to give it to him in small doses, as if it where a sweet, when he comes quickly.

The only exception to this last, would be if the dog reserves to be rewarded with a sweet for any kind of circumstances contrary to his evasive behavior. For this other cases you might choose any other kind of sweet to reward him, except the one used for correcting him of the former quoted behavior. Each sweet has to be exclusively given for different determined cases. And, will be used to strengthen the positive answer when called to come.

All the unchaining circumstances of the evasive behavior will be accentuated in a great measure. If the person who gives the order has an inadequate affective relation or of authority with the animal.

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