Predominance of optional answer A: dominant character with probable aggressive tendencies

  • The exemplar is not advisable for families with children or with a middle to low income
  • An adequate pup for people or families that have owned other dogs before, and in consequence, know how to react under any intention of aggressive dominance from the dog.
  • Potential exemplars to be used in the future as a watchdog or for defense labors

Predominance of optional answer B: dominant character

  • Exemplar not recommended for pusillanimous people or with non-dominant character.
  • Adequate for people or family groups with a mid-strong character that know how to deal adequately with the dominant pretenses of the dog.
  • Not appropriate for families with children

Predominance of optional answer C: Balanced character

  • An adequate animal to live with any kind of family groups with or without children.
  • Predominance of optional answer D: Clearly submissive character
  • Adequate for old people or family groups with mild character, with or without children
  • Predominance of optional answer E: Highly independent character
  • Adequate for people that don't require permanent contact with the dog or of his affective needs.
  • Dogs inclined to show aggressive reactions before any authority imposition.
  • Absolutely inappropriate for living with children.

Once chosen the exemplar you have to respect the adaptation period after being separated from the rest of the litter, as well as, the period in which it'll have to adapt to its new human family.

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