Scarce contact with other dogs

The same as humans, the dog has to have a social life. A limited contact with other exemplars of his own specie will not only rebound on the dog to suffer sudden deafness attacks when you call him at the park or recreation area, but also that because of a prolonged social isolation and, not knowing how to interact socially with other exemplars. It will produce an incorrect interpretation of the gesture repertory from the other animals and, in consequence, it will unchain conflicts with them.

This conflicts can present different levels of seriousness. The slightest would be, not to be accepted as a member of the pack from the exemplary implied, with the consequences that this could bring. By the schedule routine of the owners, to coincide almost always with the same exemplars on the park or on the playing ground, this ends up constituting a pack. And the less desirable would consist of not knowing, or the delay in his manifestation, of rules so important as that of marking his territory, the rites before the coupling or the scenery of the initiation to play.

It is of vital importance that the dog has a daily exercising, but it is not less important for him to enjoy and dedicate two of his three daily walks to be with other exemplars. This will rebound at increasing his experiences repertory, so much positive as negative. In direct relation with the column of this repertory, he will respond correctly before any type of situation that could appear.

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