Second case of Injuries in dog attacks

In the second case, the escaping may be presented in two ways: In a wild and reckless way with the dog totally blocked the ears folded not to hear any kind of sound (mostly from its aggressor), the genitals covered by its tail to prevent a sudden bite, moving forward without attending any kind of external stimulus and going towards what he thinks is a secure place, his house or well escaping forward and giving place to the aggression. This option will be the most frequent if it finds himself stopped by a pack of dogs.

If the aggression would come true, the dog would present a series of modifications so much physical as of conduct before the aggression is produced. Before the presence of supposed menacing subject, throughout of the critical distance of the dog, this will choose to approach to his owner as near as possible with the reference of security that his human master offers him, the dog is looking for two objectives. On one hand to know that he will count with the protection of the superior element of his pack and that he will help him to overtake a situation that for him alone wouldn't be able to confront and by the other, to trust in that the presence of this man will intimidate his adversary enough not to proceed with his nearness. In parallel, the dog will begin to present a metamorphosis leading. At first, to try to dissuade his adversary exteriorizing signs of submission with the object of not being considered a hostile element. He will exhibit his head down and will keep at all times his sight apart, because for the dog to see another exemplar or a human with a fix sight and to keep it fixed on the eyes of the other is to state a challenge, He will have the tail coiled covering his genitals for protection and to mitigate the odor coming from the anal glands ( this only happens on extreme situations) and he will fold his auricular pavilions trying with it to diminish a possible zone for biting and to moderate the perception of menacing sounds from the adversary, if there is any.

If before the proximity of the adversary he doesn't gain a disinterest on him with the signs of submission he has been giving the dog will show his teeth and will growl constantly; his body will be absolutely tense prepared to execute a fast movement. The animal will hyperventilate to obtain a greater level of oxygen. This way his muscles will be prepared to follow quicker the orders from his brain. As a final detail he will expose all his loin area completely bristled. So much as a dissuasive measure trying to pretend a greater corporal size than the real one as protection, for the supposing that the adversary could bite this area. It would only mean a loosing of hair, but it won't get to affect any of the muscular mass. In case that the adversary human or canine escaped as a consequence of the aggression the dog would be psychologically reinforced.

From this action he will understand that by acting this same way what frightens him runs away from him. In consequence he will reinforce this way of conduct. In this way the dog will culminate the previous state that of submission to turn without preambles to the aggression before any situation in which the same conditions as before are given or other similar to it. Before this, there is no other option than to submit the dog to a sensibility suppression treatment considering the subjects that cause its fears. Due to the great importance to take into effect this treatment in a proper way and because it is used to solve numerous problems in the dog, the following chapter is about its methodology and ways of application.

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