Sensibility suppression

Before all the sensibility suppression mustn't be understood as isolated fact, but as a process. It will serve to extend at first, and to attain at the end of the process so that the dog can tolerate and classify as normal what previously was the cause or effect of fear.

The process of sensibility suppression is based on the reduction of sensibility and in consequence of the inadequate answer. This is done with the gradual and controlled exposition of the dog to the detonating stimulus of fear.

The process will begin at low-medium levels of answers gradually and progressively by the presentation of a positive stimulus (food, game or an immediate stroll outside), you will attain the leveling of both stimulus: the negative (fear) and the positive(reward).

Inside the canine environment the most frequent fear comes from noises. But it is not the noise itself what they fear, but ignoring where these come from. For example, the conduct presented by Rita, a seven month old Belgium shepherd, was at a certain point logical. She lived with his owners in a city of very dense traffic. On determined moments of the day and coinciding with the rush hours the continuous sounds of horns caused in Rita a tremendous metamorphosis. She went from being a cheerful and happy dog always ready to play to having a totally opposite behavior. She would run to hide in the lobby or living room, which were the places in the house that were furthest away from the source of that insane sound that caused her so much fear. There she would lay with the tale between her legs howling, drooling constantly and manifesting great hyperventilation.

Once the veterinary had put aside any sign of existing pathology that could cause such change in her conduct and after doing two previous home visits necessary to carry out a correct evaluation of the problem and to point out the directions to follow seeing with clarity the origin that caused Rita's disturbance something fundamental at the time of beginning any kind of treatment.

Only then will the process of sensibility suppression start. Taking advantage of one of the moments of most traffic from one of the balconies from the apartment with a tape recorder we captured all the noises coming from the streets and from traffic.

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