Socializing with the outside world

This lack of connection with the outside world is usual for those animals whose owners live in a chalet or mansion. Those who live in apartments are obliged, more or less frequently, to give his dogs certain amount of outside walks each day so that it can do its needs. These walks allow the animals to encounter all kinds of experiences.

The dogs that suffer from this problem won't answer negatively before a specific fact. The same could happen to any other dog before an unknown event. Whatever they can see or hear and believed by them as normal, meaning everything practically, will unchain an insecurity reaction that will cause the animal to begin a wild escape towards a safety area, which is its home.

Or he can, before the impossibility to do this, look for shelter with his owners or nearby elements. It is very common to see this type of animals walking on the streets, literally rubbing the fa├žades of the buildings or parked cars.

The insecurity that the dog can manifest could be irritating if, besides having suffered one or more prolonged isolation stages, the exemplars behavior would be subject to the presence of the owner or of another dog within Its same territorial area, and that this owner, or dog, would have shown an excessive authority towards the affected animal by the conduct that occupies us now.

This circumstances will rebound on the dog and will condition its actions towards the tolerated by the owner or another animal. In his turn, this will cause him not to know, even to face any type of situation and to wait for them to solve it.

In any case, and apart from the origin of the lack of confidence suffered by the dog, it is recommended to apply to the animal a correct training program oriented to obedience.

With the help of a professional dog trainer, this will be highly beneficial for the animal, because the dog will concentrate on its owner and not on its surroundings, which could cause the dog a sense of insecurity, or in his own state of insecurity.

In the same way, to know how it is to respond under determined situations, as because of the training, will increase the levels of security in the dog.

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