Socializing your Dog

It must begin on the seventh week of life. At that precise moment, the dog has an acceptable ability to analyze and process every information given to them, making it possible for him to comprehend all the stimulus that he perceives from the world around him. This stimulus can be different or complementary to the ones perceived in the stage of adoption. No matter how many experiences can the breeder or owner expose the dog to, there will always be many others to experiment with.

Facing the psychological development and of conduct of the dog, this stage is as important as the ones exposed in the previous chapter, the adoption. This lasts from the pup's seventh or eighth week of life until approximately the eleventh week. Its beginning coincides with him being separated from the mother and its litter.

As a maximum exponent of this very important stage we can quote the case of the guide dog for blinds. Because these dogs have to be completely sociable in order to avoid any trouble with its master, they are given to previously selected families under a very strict criteria, with the object of exposing the pup to all kinds of situations and stimulus. This is done since its sixth week of life. Once this stage is overcome in a satisfactory manner, it will go back to the dog school to receive his education as a guide dog for blinds. Due to that , this stage begins when the dog arrives to your home. It is convenient to explain how this entry must take place.

Independently than from whom you acquire the pup, as a first step we recommend to make three previous visits, including the one in which you will take the pup home. This visit will be useful not only to discover the character of each pup in the litter, but also for the breeder to orient you in the way you should behave with the chosen exemplar. Equally, these visits will allow the chosen pup to get acquainted to our presence and our tone of voice. In amiable circumstances: one must caress him, talk to him smoothly, give him toys that will be used as a positive reference for when it goes home with us, etc. In spite of the great power to adapt himself to the new environment (approximately 72 hours), it is also recommended to make his arrival to its new home to coincide with a weekend or a period of vacation. This way, during the first days at his new home, we will be able to give him a little bit more of attention. This stage is perfect for the pup to get acquainted with his new family environment. It's in this period of socialization when the dog must learn to subordinate himself to the people in the house.

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