Starting your dog with real experiences

The real experiences will begin by introducing the exemplar inside the vehicle and maintaining the engine going while parked so that after being the animal encouraged for his good response, increase the number of revolutions of the engine. If the results come out positive, get out of the car after having repeatedly praised him. The next day we will repeat the experience. It will be at this moment that we will take him for a short distance ride in the car, without leaving the influence area of the dog. Area in which for being known to him will inspire him more confidence. As there is no circumstance, along with the lack of freedom of movement that causes great insecurity in a dog even more than the absence of visibility, we will make these trips during daylight and will let the vehicle be driven by the other member of the family that gives more security margin to the dog. generally the male adult elements.

Immediately and depending on the results gradually attained we will harden the conditions of the rides: more distant trips, at the afternoon or at night with members considered by the animal less secured driving.

Fear caused by vibration or movement, as in the previous traumatic experience, the measures that you will take are coincident, although in the supposed situation that our dog has suffered a negative experience when in early age, in relation with the vehicle (before the six months of age) the sensibility suppression treatment will require more time than usual: normally two weeks. Every positive or negative situation experienced by the dog previous to that age will mark its future behavior.

Although the measures above are perfectly applicable to the second and third supposition, here are some steps you should follow; specially recommended for the second of them: the fear or insecurity by vibration or movement of the vehicle to limit the time of a negative answer from the dog, you must go on short distance trips.

You will try to remove every circumstance that could aggravate the problem and avoid the associated successes that will intensify the negativity which with the dog relates the vehicle. What you want is all the contrary.

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