Territorial Factors

We should remember that one of the main effects of the territorial factor is that of precipitating a better security in front of any stimulus basically negative within the area considered by the dog as his.

For that normalized Rita's answers now with normal sounds within the area of territorial influence ( the house and surroundings) and to guarantee his answer out of the security area, the experience had effect on different areas of the city putting them from low to high with respect to the sound emission that Rita could perceive at all moment and place the conduct answers where positive.

For last we have to mention that the same as all the before told about acoustic aversion the sensibility suppression process is applicable to a great variety of problems: aversion reactions towards other dogs, humans, etc. What you always must take in to account as a fundamental factor is the level of negative and positive stimulus in a gradual and controlled way. For a faster consequence of objectives, an excessive haste is not recommended because the dog object of the treatment can present a clear regression.

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