The acquisition of an adult dog

Before the relative inconvenience that raising a pup brings, there are those that decide to acquire a dog in the adult stage. The same way as a pup can cause certain problems, regarding the cleanliness mainly, an adult exemplar can manifest, however, the great power of adaptation that they have. Certain things in his attitude will show once they have lived with you for a while. You must have in mind that the conduct of every dog is not an only condition of the breed, but also in great length it is due to the affective environment surrounding him.

If the dog has lived until now in a breeding ground with ample spaces to run and play, and with the company of other dogs, he will interact correctly with those exemplars he finds while he takes its daily walks with you. But at the same time, he must learn to subordinate or dominate these dogs he finds, situation which he wasn't used too at the breeding grounds. There, he was situated inside a hierarchy structure already established and which suffered small changes.

For the above mentioned reasons, it may be that without showing any problems at the time of interacting with other dogs, he might manifest it in the contact with human beings, due to the fact that it has not experienced similar situations to that moment.

In the best of cases the dog will be found in a juvenile stage in which it will not accept the authority of its new owners as easy as a pup would, even though he has been taught since the first day of life which is its place in the family. If the strong character of the dog is combined with its misinterpretation of diverse situations, attitudes as weakness or submission, the attention he will be object of for being a newcomer can expose us in the presence of a young dog that will not accept easily this position inside his new family. Imagine this situation in humans and with a 15 year-old young man.

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