Training Program for your Dog

Developing the training program this way you will suffer from the inconvenient of having to accept the presence of a stranger at home, the dog trainer. Now then, when having a bond for which the trainer and the owner feels the same weakness (the dog), the possible reticence will disappear immediately. Usually the owners only attend to the last three or four sessions, doing then the transfer of command from the trainer to them.

It is recommended that the sessions be done in different areas. This is done to look for a better response from the dog in different situations, as for example, the crossing of streets, obeying in front of other people and animals, etc.

Don't forget that the dog acts by association. The dog will associate his permanence in the working grounds near the residence with having to obey promptly, but again at home. These answers without a doubt will not be the same.

Equally, being trained at home, means that the dog sooner or later may present, what is called a testing with respect to the orders received. He will try by any means, not to obey them. If you don't solve the situation in a correct way, and make him live his training day by day, you can be sure that these tests will increase with more frequency, until reaching the situation in which he won't obey none of the orders given to him, being the training he has had useless.

The recommendation for training your dog at home has several reasons that are very important:

  1. it will serve to reaffirm the correct relation of dominance / submission that must exist between the dog and all the members of the family, which will reduce any possibility of suffering from problems of lack of authority.
  2. it will also rebound in a considerable increment towards the quality of life of the owners in the relation with his dog, and
  3. living in an apartment or in a residence, it will be possible for the dog trained in obedience to go out more, due that he will manifest a better education and will obey the orders given to him in no matter what situation.

As for the defense training seen with contempt by many, if done correctly not only it may be useful on some occasions, but the dog will become a psychologically level-headed animal. Remember that by this training you are only increasing his natural way of being. Once the objective is reached, you will only have to teach the exemplars how and in what occasions he may use this strength.

Obviously, this kind of training must only be done by qualified professionals and will be exercised in the dogs environment for him to know which territory he will have to defend.

Dog Behaviorist Training and education Training Program for your Dog